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Reiki For The Soul Reiki Sessions and Treatments in Bray and Dublin South

 Reiki For The Soul

Reiki For The Soul, Reiki Sessions in Bray and Dublin
Reiki For The Soul


Reiki Benefits

Experience A Reiki Treatment To Achieve
All These Things And More!!

Reiki is a Gentle, Non Invasive Energy Therapy that
Empowers both Mind and Body

To book a treatment contact Gillian McNamara

at gillian@reikiforthesoul.com

Or Phone 087 6697155

Committee Member of Reiki Federation Ireland
Located in Private Practice in Bray


To Book A Reiki Treatment Call

087 6697155
or click to:
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A Reiki treatment with Gillian is a real treat. You will be put totally at ease by her gentle nature and her understanding of the human condition. Professional to the core, Gillian excels at what she does.


Angela Gorman,
Reiki Workshops Facilitator, Dublin