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Reiki For The Soul Reiki Sessions and Treatments in Bray and Dublin South

Reiki Workshops

"Learn Reiki for Yourself"


Levels of Reiki Training

Anyone can learn Reiki; there are no educational requirements and it is not academically challenging.

Reiki can be taught to any age group and to people from all walks of life.


Reiki level 1

For those people who would like to learn Reiki for themselves, a Reiki 1 course will give you the basic knowledge and skills you need to practice Reiki on yourself, your friends, family and pets.

For more information on Reiki 1 click here


Reiki level 2

The Reiki 2 course builds on the knowledge and skills learned at Reiki 1, giving you extra tools for practicing Reiki on yourself and others. You will learn new techniques and broaden your knowledge of Reiki and its uses.

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All my Reiki courses meet the standards required by Reiki Federation Ireland as set out in their teaching guidelines.

Email me at gillian@reikiforthesoul.com

Or Phone 087 6697155


Workshop Schedules and Cost