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Reiki For The Soul Reiki Sessions and Treatments in Bray and Dublin South

The Reiki Treatment

A Reiki Treatment is a very relaxing, non invasive and enjoyable experience. The treatment lasts an hour, during which time, you lie down on a comfortable Reiki table.

You remain fully clothed and are covered with a light blanket.

During the treatment I follow a sequence of Reiki hand positions. I place my hands gently over certain parts of the body; starting at the head and working around the body.

I have been trained to use the Universal Energy that is all around us, and direct it into the client’s body, to assist that person to heal any area that needs it. I am not using my own energy so I don’t get tired while treating clients.

It is not necessary to feel anything during your Reiki treatment in order for the Reiki energy to work. Some people feel sensations of heat, coolness or tingling. Others go into a deep state of relaxation. In my experience most people become so relaxed, they fall asleep.

There are many reasons why people book Reiki treatments with me. Some people come with the desire to reduce stress and improve sleep patterns. Others attend with the intent of improving a physical condition. Increasing numbers of people are having Reiki treatments to improve confidence levels.

Reiki is a cumulative energy and builds up in the body with each treatment received. For people with chronic conditions or challenges I advise a course of three to four Reiki treatments.

If you are planning on having Reiki to pamper yourself or for health maintenance you might choose to have just a few treatments a year.

No two people are the same, so each Reiki treatment is tailored to the individual client’s needs.

To Book a Reiki Session:

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Phone: 087-6697155

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