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Reiki For The Soul Reiki Sessions and Treatments in Bray and Dublin South

About Me

Gillian McNamaraI discovered Reiki in 2003, after I suffered a severe whiplash injury. Despite physiotherapy, steroid injections and lots of medication I was still in severe pain. As time went on I started to get down in myself, and was losing what little confidence I had in myself.

Things changed dramatically when a friend in work offered to give me a Reiki treatment. As she gently placed her hands over my neck and shoulder, I could feel warmth spreading down my arm, into my fingers, relaxing the whole area. I could actually feel my fingers again and could move my arm with less pain, I was truly amazed.

Impressed by how subsequent Reiki treatments consistently relieved my pain and fast tracked my recovery, I decided to learn how to do Reiki for myself.

I did my Reiki training with Angela Gorman, who is the founder of Reiki Federation Ireland. I am also a qualified Holistic Massage therapist and achieved a distinction in massage and anatomy and physiology with ITEC.

Reiki has totally transformed my life. I now enjoy sharing this subtle, gentle hearing energy with others. Reiki has so much to offer and can benefit many peoples lives as it did mine.

My Reiki practice is in Bray, County Wicklow.
Reiki treatments are by appointment only.

I am a member of Reiki Federation Ireland which is the national organisation for Reiki in Ireland.

Email me at gillian@reikiforthesoul.com

Or Phone 087 6697155


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