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Reiki For The Soul Reiki Sessions and Treatments in Bray and Dublin South

Experience the Benefits of a Distant Reiki Treatment

One of the great things about Reiki, is that you can receive a Reiki treatment from a distance.

You might have a busy schedule or maybe you are unable to physically attend a Reiki treatment.

In situations like this the Reiki practitioner can send you Reiki energy remotely. This is called a Distant Reiki Treatment or remote healing.

There have been interesting studies done about the effects of distant healing in recent years.

Distant Reiki treatment benefits include:

  • Empowers Goals
  • Improves Health Challenges
  • Reduces Stress
  • Improves Sleep Patterns
  • Boosts Confidence

Animals Love Distant Reiki

Animals are very receptive to Reiki energy and have no judgement about whether it will work or not.

If your animal is nervous or does not like being handled, perhaps a distant Reiki treatment would be a good option for you.

The Results Speak for themselves

Feedback from owners of animals following distant Reiki include:

  • Relaxes animals
  • Mobility improves despite conditions like arthritis
  • Animals become more confident
  • Helps pacify traumatized animals

What do I need to do when the Reiki energy is being sent to me?

The beauty of receiving Reiki, is that it is always received the way that is perfect for you. While you might prefer to receive the energy during your time off,
when relaxing or sitting down, be assured that this is not necessary.

Reiki can be sent to you at any time.

The same applies if your animal is receiving distant Reiki.

The energy will reach them in the way it is meant to.

Your animal does not have to be doing anything in particular when the Reiki is being sent.

What is the length of a Distant Reiki treatment and how much does it cost?

A Distant Reiki treatment with Gillian is 30 minutes.

The cost of this treatment is 30 euro.

Payment can be made by Paypal

For more information on Distant Reiki treatments or to book a treatment

contact Gillian at Gillian@reikiforthesoul.com


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